Wie ben ik? - Benny Adriaensen

  • My name is Benny Adriaensen and from my passion for horses I founded Yeguada Adriplant. Our breeding is specialized in quality PRE (Pura Raza Espagnola) horses, ie pure Spanish horses that distinguish themselves in beauty from the other horse breeds. During my online search I compared different breeds. After reading several websites and watching some documentaries, I quickly realized that this noble animal has infinite qualities such as elegance, beauty and intelligence. As well as creating a quick bond of trust and the sensitivity appealed to me enormously. In 2012 I traveled to Spain to purchase 2 very high quality mares from Yeguada Susaeta; Ninfa SU and Ojala SU. This has resulted in many wonderful offspring, real toppers. Meanwhile, in 2023, I have 15 of different ages and colors. We strive for breeding with great bloodlines and the associated proven stallions. Every year we select our best mares and cover them with both our stallions and stallions from highly regarded Spanish breeding farms such as Yeguada Susaeta, Yeguada Centúrion, …. We make a well-thought-out choice with every mating, so we can offer you the opportunity to purchase a horse of excellent quality at very affordable prices. Our stud selects quality stallions for dressage and leisure, chosen on the basis of their best pedigree, their physical and mental characteristics, their gaits and their aptitude for willingness to work. Yeguada Adriplant strives for the PRE for dressage sport, but with the morphology and breed-typical characteristics that the PRE should have. We try to obtain the best genetics from the PRE so that we breed foals that meet the breed standards. This is how we try to improve and promote the purebred Spanish horse. You can find this in all our horses. One of our assets is that we build a relationship of trust with our horses from birth. Our training courses are always adapted to the natural behavior of these wonderful creatures in order to increase the learning capacity. We strongly believe in this method in order to get the best out of them and prevent undesirable behaviour. The power of the herd... All our horses live in a herd, which promotes their natural social skills and creates a balanced foundation between their mental and physical health. The horses of different ages feed each other. After a birth, we systematically introduce the foal to the rest of the herd after just a few days, so that they learn the social rules of the game. Our purebred horses are bred in the best conditions. They are cared for and tamed by the passionate owner who is devoted to his horses with heart and soul. Yeguada Adriplant is a great supporter of freedom and nature. Our horses grow up in a herd and are distinguished by their gentle and very respectful character. Close to people, but very willing to work. We value respect. Respect for everyone, including our animals. Their well-being is our priority. Quality over quantity, that's why we ensure that we remain a small-scale breeding, a structure on a human scale, which allows us to continue to listen to our horses and our customers through a personal approach. If you would like to know more, you can always contact us without obligation. Based on our passion for horses, which we are always happy to share with you, we will see together what we can do for each other.